Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kind Loving Neighbors and Friends, Adios taste buds.

I used to sing a  Jim Croce song, "Time",  back in the 70's that had a lyric, "and when you're down nobody gives a damn anyway."  I'm pretty sure that I really believed it to be a folksy universal truth back then.   I'm grateful that at this moment in my life I have very few personal experiences that can validate that.  Especially yesterday afternoon when our neighbors from across the street came by and prayed for me with genuine compassion, love, and faith that surely God is in this with us.  After they left I wept a bit - not, I think, because of my present circumstance.  It was just one of those God moments.  Love usually shows up in wet eyes for me.

I "thought" that I might try eating something solid.  Pollo Loco chicken sounded good, so Deanna stopped by a place here in Oceanside that has a similar menu.  It smelled good on the way home and I was actually looking forward to giving it a taste.  I opened the containers, spooned out some delicious smelling beans and rice, then shredded a bit of chicken breast and plopped it all onto a handmade tortilla.  Tasted unlike anything I've ever put into my mouth...in a bad, very bad way...UGHH!

My taste buds are now officially seriously confused and out of commission.  Thank God that my Radiation Oncologist requested a PEG tube before treatment began.   I'll be getting my nourishment through said tube from now forward...and probably never eat Pollo Loco food again.  I'm told that the buds will gradually be back in working condition again after my last treatment.  Could take several weeks to a couple months.

Deanna has been wonderful.  She gives way more than "a damn"...she pretty much gives it all.

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  1. I'm right with you in the wet eyes. Prayers and thankfulness for Deanna also are something I can take part in and appreciate. See you Christmas Day. Sister Jeannie