Sunday, December 20, 2009

IV Fluids needed

Well Dave's nausea didn't get any better and he was not able to eat anything and could only take in about 12 oz of fluids per day. So I made a call today to the on-call Dr. and she had us come to see her after his radiation treatment today. (Yes Sunday radiation because of the holidays coming up). He ended up getting 2 bags of IV fluids and he is feeling a bit better. The dizziness and weakness have improved. Still not eating but hopefully that will come soon.

His sense of smell is stronger than Shelby's (our dog) and most food smells make him nauseous... so I'm not cooking much which I didn't do much of anyway. Those who know us, know that Dave has done most of the cooking and I was ready to take over that task but will have to wait until he can stomach the smell..... Hmmm maybe it's my cooking :)

Praying that tomorrow is a better day for Dave

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  1. The Lord has been putting you on our hearts and we have been praying for God's strength and mercy for you. His loving kindness is everlasting.
    Rick and Colleen Monroe