Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First radiation and chemo

Dave had his first chemo and radiation yesterday and everything went smoothly. No nausea or vomiting. I guess the drugs that they give him for the nausea REALLY work! He had muscle soreness in the back (kidney area mainly) and we contributed part of this to the all the IV fluids they gave him before and after the chemo. He was up a few times last night with indigestion and again with a headache but both went away. Other than that he is doing a lot better than we had anticipated. Praise God!

While I was sitting in the radiation waiting room while he was getting his radiation treatment, a loud bell was rung. I looked up and there was a woman ringing it with her doctor, nurses and staff around her. After the ringing stopped, there were hugs all around her. It was her LAST radiation treatment! Needless to say, I was crying!

Only 32 more treatments to go until I can give Dave that celebratory HUG! As Dave would say: Onward and forward!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

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