Thursday, August 19, 2010

CT clear again

I had two doctors' visits yesterday, one to go over my most recent CT scan, and the other for a simple exam and discussion about any side effects I have been experiencing.  Both doctors were very encouraged by my "progress" and expressed that I was doing great at this point (6 months since my last treatments) of my recovery.

I weighed in at 147 lbs and my "vital signs" were all good.  They both expect that my dry mouth will improve with more time and my sense of taste will continue to get closer to normal again...with time.  The neck and back pain did not seem to be of particular concern for them.  "Continue with Tylenol and, when needed,  vicodin at night with a side of benedryl  for the itching reaction to the vicodin."  Fatigue is to be expected and within normal expectations for now.

Though encouraged by the MDs very positive remarks, I have to wonder what "not good" must be like for those who have gone through this treatment regimen.  But then as I think about the folks that shared the waiting room with me, I get a bit of perspective into what these doctors see every day and how the "not so good" patients look.  The physical, emotional, and spiritual distress that they are experiencing.  Honestly makes me a bit guilty for thinking that my progress isn't where I wish it could be.  There really are some very sick, very weak, and very depressed people hearing devastatingly bad news about their CTs and being told that their prognosis isn't good.

I am so thankful for my family and friends who have been wonderfully encouraging and incredibly  tolerant of my sometimes childish impatience with my "slowly improving" recovery.

Perspective is a humbling teacher.

Onward and forward, one day at a time.