Saturday, June 5, 2010


It is said , "never pray for patience" because God will answer that with plenty of opportunities to practice.  So I am taking that advice and just praying daily that God helps me to not be a jerk with others while this "too slow" recovery process takes it's course.  

While admitting that I would be glad if my energy would come back to something closer to pre-treatment levels, my back and neck would quit barking at me,  and my mouth would produce some saliva again, there are many things to be thankful for.  I try to keep a mental list of those things to remind myself throughout the day that I am truly blessed and that all "suffering" in this life is temporary when viewed with an eternal perspective..

I visited a naturopathic doctor a few weeks ago and was given some gnarly tasting supplements.  Three of them were in liquid form and were to be taken in droplets under my tongue.  Not only were they bitter to taste, they caused the nerves in my teeth to scream "are you crazy!?".   I was advised to discontinue my use of caffeine and to stop drinking Ensure.  After a few of days I decided that I needed the Ensure to keep my weight up and coffee to keep from getting even more lethargic.  So, though I haven't ruled out trying the homeopathic approach again at a later date, I'm going to stick with the MDs course for now.  

Onward and forward...ONE DAY AT A TIME.