Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PET Scan clean...No Doctors for 4 months!

Deanna and I met with Dr. Mell today to go over the results of a PET and CT scan I had this past Monday.  He said that it showed that the tumor was gone and that there was no evidence of cancer cells in the reading.  Those are the words we have been waiting to hear after the last 6 months of diagnosis, surgery, chemo and radiation treatments. 

My next scan will be in August and I won't need another doctor's visit until after that scan.

I'm looking forward to gaining strength and energy as the weeks progress.  Physical therapy is helping with my back and neck strength.  I am visiting a Naturopathic doctor Monday to discuss nutritional strategies to enhance my recovery.

I continue to enjoy each opportunity I get to praise God for His grace and mercy.   Worship has a richer meaning these days.


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