Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Steps to recovery

"Getting Better All the Time" slowly...

It is amazing how a simple thing like being able to swallow, or talk without gagging can bring so much joy!  I can do both now and I am getting back nuances of taste.  I have not used the PEG tube for a few days now and I'm really, really looking forward to having it removed.

The biggest deal right now is the pain in my back and neck, and that seems to be getting less and less bothersome.  My energy level is also creeping up to where I can take an hour or two to go to the Church or store without my "gas" gage dropping suddenly to empty.  Getting out into the garden when the sun is shining is such wonderful treat for me now.

I attended my Growth Group meeting for the first time this quarter last Thursday.   Boy was it great to be with them again!

I have my first doctor's appointment since my last radiation a month ago...was it really a month ago?  I won't know whether they got all of the cancer for another couple of months when I will be getting either a pet or cat scan.  The lump in my neck is totally gone now, which is a good indicator that things are looking positive for future prognosis

Again...Onward and Forward in God's grace with baby steps toward full recover (I hope).

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