Monday, February 1, 2010

Last day of radiation is tommorrow...None Too Soon.

Early this morning may have been my "low point" to date while undergoing treatment for the past 3 months, including the surgeries.  I'm not going to detail it, but I have a real bad case of "chemo brain" and this morning "chemo stomach and chemo spirit."  Last Tuesday I had my last Cisplatin infusion and I was back there (infusion center) Thursday and Saturday to get re-hydrated.

Tomorrow we "ring the bell" at the radiation center.  It's a tradition they have to celebrate the last day of radiation therapy.

Deanna is starting to get an influx of tax clients, so she is really testing the waters of burn-out.  Doesn't show it much, but she had on her "game face" today.  Amazing though, she got up at 5AM...I think, yesterday to run many miles with some friends from church.  Check out Proverb 31:10-31...she kicks that lady's butt!

Everybody's kind words, thoughts, and prayers have meant so much to us.  If I could plead one more time for a mega-infusion of words lifted to God for more strength in recovery andfaith in His healing, I would be most appreciative. 

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  1. "Mega-Infusion" of words lifted to God are on their way Bro. More strength for you and Deanna will come as we all trust in HIS healing for you. You have been a real testimony for the day by day journey through the fire. It is finished! Ring that bell.
    Love you,