Monday, January 4, 2010

Chemo # 2 Tomorrow

I've had a 4 day break from radiation because the treatment folks took a long weekend.  They certainly deserve it.  Their days seem very intensely filled with serving  those of us who are in need of their care.  God bless them all.

My next chemo treatment - #2 -  is tomorrow morning.  They have scheduled me for some follow up saline infusions on Thursday and Friday...this because my wonderful wife's intuition after chemo #1 convinced our chemo oncologist that I had become dehydrated. Based on her observation he, without batting an eye, scheduled them  On a side note, the medical statistics show that married men have a 4 times greater  cancer treatment recovery history than single guys!   I am so lucky to have Deanna in my corner.

The radiation starts up again today (Monday) and I'll be receiving treatments 5 days each week for the next 4 weeks.  That said, I continue to focus on keeping my head in a one day at a time frame - "Why worry about tomorrow?  It will have it's own worries."

By-the-way, in regard to Deanna's last post.  While I'm wearing the radiation mask I am pretty much continually talking to God, asking Him to guide the molecules to destroy the cancer and avoid the good cells.  Oh, and they've been playing Alison krause and other inspirational type of music while I'm pinned there.  If anyone ever had the voice of an angel, I think she is the one.

Please remember to pray for us and the wonderful Drs. and UCSD.  Surely God is with us!

Onward and forward!


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  1. Dave and Deanna: Continuing to pray for you during this time. Seems like a tough week ahead of you. The strength and courage it takes to go through the treatments and then post about it, gives us all a sense that you are quite an amazing family.
    Love, Mike and Susan